Thirumalisai Alwar Vaibhavam 5

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Part 5

After the Mudhal Alwars leave for Divyadesa Yatra, Thirumalisai Alwar goes back to Thirumalisai. At Thirumalisai, when Alwar searches for Thiruman in the usual place, he is unable to find it (Clarification – In times of Alwar, Thiruman was not sold across shops. It is a natural stone and has to be found in ground).  Unable to wear the mark of the Lord, Alwar feels sad. Later in his dream, Lord Srinivasa relieves Alwar by telling that he can find Thirumaan in Kachi Vekka. Alwar immediately leaves for Kachi Vekka and finds it at the place Perumal had mentioned in the dream. Alwar wears the Thiruman he had so longed for. Alwar then comes back to Thirumalisai and spends sometime in Bagavad Anubhavam.

Alwar had always travelled a lot and once again Alwar sets out for a journey. Alwar leaves for Thiru Vekka (near Kanchipuram) to serve the Reclining Lord Yadhodkari (Sonna Vanam Seidha Perumal). He is joined by KanniKannan, his ardent disciple (mentioned in Part 2 of Thirumalisai Alwar Vaibhavam). Alwar & Kani Kannan spend their time in serving the Lord. During this time an old woman who could barely walk straight starts serving Alwar & Kani Kannan daily. Impressed with her service, Alwar asks the old lady what she wants. The old lady replies that she could not bear her old age, her wrinkled face, and so on. Alwar immediately changes her to a beautiful young woman. The woman gratefully thanks Alwar and feels very happy that she will be young and beautiful forever. Soon, the king of the province, Pallavarayan sees her and immediately falls for her beauty. He sends word through his guards to the woman, who is only happy to marry the king and accepts the king’s proposal. They both marry and live happily. But as years pass by the king is intrigued by his woman’s unchanged beauty who never seems to age. Upon asking, she tells the king about her being an old woman and how she became young again by the grace of Thirumalisai Alwar. She also adds that Alwar’s disciple Kanni Kannan visits the palace everyday to seek alms (Alwar & Kani Kannan would eat only by seeking alms, just like true sanyasins). The very day the king meets Kanni Kannan and asks him to bring his Guru, so he too can get the boon of ageless beauty. Kani Kannan strongly replies that Alwar wouldn’t come for the king’s desires. The king then asks Kannan to take him to Alwar. For this, Kanni Kannan says that Alwar would not even see a person who has such worldly desires in him. Finally the king asks Kani Kannan to sing a song in praise of him. Kannan tells that he will never sing for any person in this world and would sing only on Sriman Narayana. Listening to this, the king is enraged and orders Kanni Kannan to leave his kingdom.

Kanni Kannan narrates the entire incident to Alwar and requests permission from Alwar to leave him and the kingdom. Alwar says the he too will leave the kingdom and joins Kanni Kannan. As he leaves he goes to the temple of Thiru Vekka and asks the Perumal too to leave the kingdom and join them. Without asking anything and the very moment, Perumal rolls his mat (adhi seshan), and like an innocent child follows Alwar & Kanni Kannan. To this day the Perumal is called Sonna Vanam Seidha Perumal (Yadhodkaari in North), since He unquestioningly listens to Alwar and does what he says. This single incident from the life of Alwar stands out wonderfully and beautifully shows the Sowlabhyam of Perumal. Sriman Narayana is waiting for instructions from his true devotees, just like a baby towards its mother.

Meanwhile, without Alwar & Perumal, the entire kingdom suddenly plunges into a gloom and the people long for Perumal & Alwar to come back to their kingdom. The King immediately realises his folly and pleads to the trio to return to the Kingdom. Kanni Kanna is moved and requests Alwar to return, who in turn requests Perumal to return to the kingdom. The Trio then return to the kingdom, which again gets back its happiness & peacefulness. The place where Perumal, Alwar & Kanni Kannan rested for a night came to be known as “Oar Irukkai” and is now known as Oarikkai.

Continued in Thirumalisai Alwar Vaibhavam 6..


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