New Theory suggests current universe is just the latest in an endless string of universes

Its not uncommon for Science to announce something as a new discovery which has been perhaps said ages ago in our Scriptures. But still, this one is quite remarkable. It has always been said in our scriptures that the universe or Maya is time and again created and destroyed by Sriman Narayana after the 4 yugas, during the Pralayam. Until now there had been no proof of this in Science, but a new study by a group of Scientists suggests that the big bang that created our universe is not unique. At least one earlier big bang occurred, giving rise to a universe that existed before ours. Or to put it simply, the universe has been created again and again in the past, just as said in our scriptures. If the theory is proved right, it will be another testimony to the credibility of our culture and ancient scriptures.

We knew it happens again & again...

The  news article was published by National Geographic Society and can be read in the National Geographic site here.


6 thoughts on “New Theory suggests current universe is just the latest in an endless string of universes

  1. Radhasoami Faith View of Modus Operandi of Creation of Universe

    Yes,Universe existed before Big Bang please.

    Stephen Hawking writes in The Grand Design, “It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the Universe going.” Hawking said the Big Bang was merely the consequence of the law of gravity. In A Brief History of Time, Hawking had suggested that the idea of God or a divine being was not necessarily incompatible with a scientific understanding of the Universe.

    Although Hawking is very close to Truth yet he is not perfect in his views while discarding the role of divine being. I consider the role of eternal gravity uppermost but I strongly differ with Hawking on the role of divine being. I consider Divine Ordainment is the cause of Creation of Universe.

    Now I give Radhasoami Faith view of Creation Theory. In Sar Bachan (Poetry) composed by His Holiness Soamiji Maharaj the August Founder of Radhasoami Faith the details of creation and dissolution has been described very scientifically. It is written in Jeth Mahina (name of Hindi moth) in this Holy Book: Only He Himself (Supreme Father)and none else was there. There issued forth a great current of spirituality, love and grace (In scientific terminology we may call this current as gravitational wave). This is called His Mauj (Divine Ordainment). This was the first manifestation of Supreme Being. This Divine Ordainment brought into being three regions, viz., Agam, Alakh, and Satnam of eternal bliss. Then a current emerged with a powerful sound (this was the first Big Bang). It brought forth the creation of seven Surats or currents of various shades and colours (in scientific terminology we may call it electromagnetic waves). Here the true Jaman or coagulant was given (in scientific terminology this coagulant may be called as weak nuclear force and strong nuclear force). Surats, among themselves, brought the creation into being.

    These currents descended down further and brought the whole universe/multi verse into being i.e. black holes, galaxies etc. were born.
    I would like to add further that sound energy and gravitational force current are non polar entity and electromagnetic force is bi-polar. Hence spiritual polarization, if occurred, is occurred in the region of Sat Lok and region below to it only.

    • Your comment was very interesting. Another pointer that our Indian Literature has priceless knowledge in it. Unfortunately westernisation has resulted in us loosing our culture & identity. An entire generation is under the impression that Science & Textbooks are the only right source of knowledge and our literature is all about fairy tales and customs. Even Thiruvaimozhi by Nammalvar says about creation & evolution in an astounding manner.


  2. Dear Ramanuja Dasan

    Thank you very much for your very kind words of encouragement. I am the supporter of Gravitation Force Theory of God. This has the support of various scientists.


    I am one the chief expounder and supporter of Gravitation Force Theory of God. This is most scientific and secular theory of God. This is the Theory of Universal Religion. I have given Higher Theory of Everything. Sometimes back I posted this as comments to a blog on:
    ‘Fighting of the Cause of Allah by Governing a Smart Mathematics Based on Islamic Teology’
    By Rohedi of Rohedi Laboratories, Indonesia. Rohedi termed my higher theory of everything more wonderful than which has been developed by Stephen Hawking. Some details are quoted below:
    @anirudh kumar satsangi
    Congratulation you have develop the higher theory of everything more wonderful than which has been developed by Stephen Hawking. Hopefully your some views for being considered for Unified Field Theory are recognized by International Science Community, hence I soon read the fundamental aspect proposed by you.
    I have posted my comments to the Blog of Syed K. Mirza on Evolutionary Science vs. Creation Theory, and Intellectual Hypocrisy. Syed Mirza seems to be a very liberal muslim. He responded to my comments as mentioned below.
    “Many thanks for your very high thought explanations of God.
    You said:
    “Hence it can be assumed that the Current of Chaitanya (Consciousness) and Gravitational Wave are the two names of the same Supreme Essence (Seed) which has brought forth the entire creation. Hence it can be assumed that the source of current of consciousness and gravitational wave is the same i.e. God or ultimate creator.
    (i) Gravitation Force is the Ultimate Creator, Source of Gravitational Wave is God”
    Whatever you call it, God is no living God of any religion. Yes, when I call it “Mother Nature” is the God generated from all Natural forces and Gravitational force is the nucleus of all forces or we can presume that Gravitation is the ultimate guiding principle of this Mother Nature we call it non-living God unlike living personal God of religions. I can not believe any personal God would do so much misery created for its creation. Hence, only non-living natural God can explain everything in the Universe. When we think of any living personal God, things do not ad up!”

  3. Adiyen Dasan,

    As far as I can see, we do not need to seek support from the so-called scientists or their so-called discoveries. We have been saying saying the same things from scriptures since time unknown and we’ll keep saying the same thing even after thousands of years because that is simply the fact. Vedas are revealed Lord himself. so they will never change across how many ever universes exist. These discoveries may help outsiders to sit up and take note of our scriptures but for us it is just the obvious. Whether they prove it ‘scientifically or not all Vedas speak are facts. These people have been changing their theories every 5 years and will keep doing so. After some point it just becomes not-so-intelligent to believe these things they say. I am writing this not out of pure sentiment but I’ve read substantially before reaching this Conclusion.

    To Conclude:

    “Vedasshastraat param naasti Na daivam Keshavaat Param”!!!!

    Parthasarathy Ramanuja Dasan.

    • Swami,

      The above post has been put, not to get support from the Scientific community, but to impress upon the layman (especially the so-called learned sect who have come to look down upon Indian Literature & Culture) the accuracy of Vedas. And your words –

      These people have been changing their theories every 5 years and will keep doing so

      is very right indeed.

      We have seen many theories in such a short span of time.


  4. Modus Operandi of Radhasoami Faith View of Creation – Part II
    Here the true Jaman (coagulant) was given. The spirituality coagulated as it were, and Surats (spirit entities), among themselves, brought the creation into being. Thereafter, another Jaman (coagulant) was given. Regions from Agam Lok (Inaccessible Region) to Sat Lok (True Region) were created during the first creational process. That creation is true. That region is eternal. There is no trace of evil and suffering. This was the creation for many Yugas and ages. Then there appeared a dark coloured current
    That current appeared like a dark coloured stone set in a white one and was absorbed in the Darshan of True Being. Then there appeared two Kalas i.e. currents (viz. Niranjan and Jyoti) and they together evolved the creation of five Tattwas (elements) four Khans (species, categories of life) and three Gunas (qualities). The three Gunas (qualities) brought about the expansion and proliferation . They created Rishis and Munis (sages and holy men), gods and godly human beings and demons. Egotism then increased much. Niranjan separated himself from the rest, putting the burden of looking after the creation on them. Nobody could know of Niranjan. Even the Vedas referred to Him as Neti Neti (Not this, Not this). They did not get Darshan (Vision) of Niranjan. They made conjectures. Then how can anybody have knowledge of Sat Purush (True Being), Source of Niranjan and all that exists. (Source: Sar Bachan Poetry)

    Scientifically here Jyoti represent three Fundamental Forces of Quantum Mechanics i.e. electromagnetic force, weak nuclear force and strong nuclear force. NIRANJAN is the fourth Fundamental Force i.e. Gravitation Force.

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