Thirumalisai Alwar Vaibhavam 6

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Part 6

After the happenings at Thiruvekka, Alwar once again sets out on a journey to another Divyadesam and goes to Thirukudanthai. En route at a small village called Perumpuliyur, alwar decides to rest for sometime and sits in an outside verandah (திண்ணை) of a house. This house turns out to be a house of a Brahmin who had been chanting the Vedas with his peers. Seeing Alwar in simple clothes, they mistake Alwar to be  of a lower caste and stop chanting the Vedas. Alwar realises that the Brahmins in the house are uncomfortable chanting the Vedas with him nearby and so decides to leave the place. The Lord Sriman Narayana, to teach a lesson to the Brahmins and show them the greatness of Thirumalisia Alwar plays a drama. Seeing Alwar leave the place the Brahmins once again decide to go ahead with their chanting, but they forget the line where they stopped chanting and are confused as to where to start. Alwar notes this and to help the Brahmins continue their Veda paranyam (chanting), symbolically shows them a piece of broken grain (The Brahmins had stopped at a word meaning broken grain). The Brahmins understand alwar’s cue and also immediately realise the greatness of Alwar. They seek his forgiveness and blessings.

Alwar then reaches the divyadesam of Thirukudanthai and as always lived on alms. As days went by the Archakar of Thirkudanthai Perumal finds out an staggering phenomenon. The Perumal of the Divyadesam turned His head towards the direction in which Thirumalisai Alwar went to seek alms. Soon the news spreads to entire locality and Perumpuliyur Dikshitar, who had been doing a yagna invites alwar to grace the occasion. When Alwar arrives at the ceremony, the dikshitar honours alwar with due respects. Seeing dikshitar giving so much respect to alwar, people around begin to question dikshitar’s actions, who becomes very upset at people gauging alwar just from his appearance and being ignorant of alwar’s bhakthi & greatness. Seeing the dikshitar hurt by the people’s action, alwar decides to show people his greatness. Alwar sings a song and requests Perumal to show the greatness of true bhakthi. At the very moment the Perumal & Thayar appear in Alwar’s heart. Everyone who had questioned Alwar’s greatness and the actions of the dikshitar become dumbfounded and fall at alwar’s feet and apologise for their actions. The people also honour Alwar with a Brahmaratham ceremony.

To be Continued…


4 thoughts on “Thirumalisai Alwar Vaibhavam 6

  1. nice to read and realize the greatness of the Great Saints lived in this land where we are now living.When we visit the temples which were visited by these Sacred Souls we also have feeling that our foots are also touching the footpaths of the Sacred Souls.Just the thinking itself gives pleasure.

    • As you have said, we are indeed lucky to have been born in this Country where Noble Souls wandered every place. Temples and literatures stand as testimony to the wonderful tradition & culture we are blessed with.


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