Sri Nammalwar Thirunkashatram

Sri Nammalvar

Today is the Thirunkashatram of Swami Nammalwar, the foremost of all Alwars. The greatness of the Namalvar can be known from the fact that while all other Alwars went to various Divyadesams and sung on the Perumals, for Nammalvar all the Perumals came before Alwar so that he can sing on Them. Here are a couple of Upanyasams on Nammalwar.

Upanyasams in site

Nammalwar Vaibhavam by Sri PB Annangrachariar Swami

Thiruvaimozhi Saram by Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami


2 thoughts on “Sri Nammalwar Thirunkashatram

    • Thanks to the Internet for it. But personally I feel we need to have such beautiful drawings from life of our Acharyas & Alwars. This is more interesting than just photographs.


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