Swami Ramanujar Story in Tamil – Weekly Series in Dinamalar

For those who wished to read the story of Swami Ramanujar in Tamil, leading daily DinaMalar has started a Story series on Swami Ramanuja in Tamil. The first part was published in Aanmeega Malar (a free supplement on every Saturday) last week. The story is written in a simple & engaging manner. The first part can be read in the link below. The series is published every Saturday in Aanmeega Malar, Dina Malar.

Swami Ramanujar Story in Tamil, Part 1.

Links for remaining parts will be posted in the Twitter Feed.


9 thoughts on “Swami Ramanujar Story in Tamil – Weekly Series in Dinamalar

  1. Not many take it upon themselves to frequently post relevant information. That takes a good amount of dedication. 🙂
    On a related note, the weekly edition of ‘Aanmeega Malar’ magazine is also available online. Sri Ramanujar’s story is available in the last few pages and can easily be read on zoom view.


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  3. How do you prove that krishna is paripurna in vishistaadvaita?…..
    because krishna only said that he is paripurna in bhagavath geetha…

    but ,according to vishistaadvaita…we are brahman,at the same time ,we are not paripurna…similar case applies to krishna…so,how is krishna paripurna in vishistaadvaita?

    • visistadvaita is bhasya ( commentary) of upanishad. Upanishad is from sruti part of Hindu scripture. Bhagavath geetha is from smiriti part of hindu scripture.

  4. can anyone say me the story “ramanuja’s debate againts jains” .. i have a competition.. let me know the story pls….

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