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Swami Velukkudi Krishnan once said in a Upanyasam that every day & minute, a lot of things distract us from being good Sri Vaishnavas. To escape the distractions, we should keep ourselves engaged in spiritual activities. This is the reason why our Acharyas always kept themselves occupied reading & listening to Divya Prabhandams & other spiritual works. In today’s world we listen to upanyasams through CD, DVD and downloads from internet. But after sometime, we yearn to listen to new upanysams & songs. Exactly addressing this need is, a 24 hours Sri Vaishnava Internet Radio channel. So whenever we want to listen to Sri Vaishnava upanyasams or songs, all we need to do is to visit this site.

for Sri Vaishnava Upanyasams & Songs - 24 X 7

A detailed Schedule of Programmes is put up in the same page. The schedule also has slots for Sandhyavandhanam 3 times a day. Apps for Android & iOS are proposed to be released soon. Also coming up is a Sri Vaishnava resources site for Sri Vaishnava related Videos, Audio, Photos & News.  Visitors are requested to contribute any Sri Vaishnava song / upanyasam they might have. Visitors can also request for any Sri Vaishnava upanyasam or Song to be played. The website also has a Twitter feed.

The wonderful site has no information on the creators. All it mentions is that the site is “just a humble attempt“. One can just be amazed and sing “Pallandu, Pallandu”  to the creators. Thinking of Sriman Narayan every moment is the biggest Bliss one can get and there are no words to describe how such a service helps us in it.


5 thoughts on “Found Site :

  1. i am greatful to anudhinam .org for updates.i will be greatful if you guide me how to receive sravanam radio channel live.last 20 days
    pl guide me how to receive it. my mobile no. is 099457 69268 (mangalore).i can calle you if you give your contact no.

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