Article from The Hindu : Universal Protector

A husband protects his wife, a father his children, a king his subjects. While the protection of all these people is limited to the roles they play in the lives of others, God’s protection is all embracing.

Moreover, a man protects his wife in this birth. In the next birth, who knows where and what he will be born as, and where and what she will be born as?
Thus the protection of a father or a husband or a ruler is limited by the specific ties protected persons have with them in this birth.

But the Lord’s connection with a jivatma is not limited by birth or by the physical form the jivatma takes in a birth. It is a connection that is not bound by birth, geography or anything else, said Valayapet Ramachariar in a lecture.

The Lord is the protector of all, and He is the protector everywhere, and always. He has no limitations and neither does His protection have any limitations. All jivatmas constitute the body of Lord Narayana.

Only when we realise the nature of the atma, will we think of surrendering to the Lord. Why do we deposit our jewels in a bank locker? We are afraid that the jewels might be stolen if kept at home, and we know that the jewels are valuable.

In the same way, we should realise that our atma is precious, and that it belongs to the Lord. Only when we realise the precious quality of the atma, do our minds begin to dwell on God. There is only one owner of our atmas, and that is Narayana Himself.

If we own a house, we can call it our own, only until we sell it. The moment we sell it, it ceases to be ours. But all jivatmas always belong to the Lord.

We talk of kings winning battles. But the king might not himself have joined in the fighting. His foot soldiers would have been the ones who would have fought for him.

And yet the king is the one who is given credit. That is because he is the one who gives the order to fight and the order to stop.

In the same way, we are able to carry out tasks, only because the Lord wills that we should. He is the One in charge.

The article can be found here – The Hindu : Today’s Paper / MISCELLANEOUS : Universal Protector.


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