Srivilliputhur ThiruAdipooram 10 day Utsavam Details

Sri Andal

The Thiruadipooram Utsavam to celebrate the Thirunakshatram of Sri Andal is set to start on 25th of July. Here are the details of the Utsavam.


Day 1

Morning Dwajarohanam / Kodi ettram
Evening 16 Vandi Chapparam

Day 2

Evening Sri Andal – Chandra Prabhai

Sri Rangamannar – Simma Vahanam


Day 3

Evening Sri Andal – Thanga Parangi Narkaali

Sri Rangamannar – Hanumaar Vahanam


Day 4

Evening Sri Andal – Sesha Vahanam

Sri Rangamannar – Govardhanagiri


Day 5

Morning Periyalwar Mangalasasanam
Evening 5 Garuda Seva

Day 6

Evening Sri Andal – KanakaThandiyal

Sri Rangamannar – Yaanai Vahanam


Day 7

Evening Kannadi Chapparam

Day 8

Evening Sri Andal – Pushpa Pallaku

Sri Rangamannar – Kudhirai Vahanam


Day 9

Morning Ekantha Thirumanjanam for Moolavar at 4:00 am

Thiruther at 6:00 am

03/08/11 Evening Rettai Tholkinniyan at 5:00

2 thoughts on “Srivilliputhur ThiruAdipooram 10 day Utsavam Details

  1. Thanks for updated information is very nice. Keep it up. and another in request you to try to publish Andal adi utsavam and thilakappu utsavam also. If you are publish we are very happy to dharsan here it self

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