Srimushnam temple – A wonderful Experience

Every now and then, Sriman Narayana blesses me with the opportunity to visit an relatively less known, but wonderful Divyadesam – Srimushnam near Chidambaram. Update : Srimushnam is not a Divyadesam. It is a wonderful temple nevertheless.

The stunning Gopuram

Srimushnam temple is an very ancient one with stunning architecture all around. The amazingly majestic Gopuram / Vimana welcomes you to the magnificently built temple. Inside the temple, resides the beautiful Bhuvaraha Swami, a small deity much in contrast to the largeness of the temple, but more wonderful. The Deity is one of the 8 Swayambhu Deities in Vaishnava Divyadesams. Ambujavalli Thayar is the Lord’s consort, and the very moment you see Thayar, you feel She is the very embodiment of affection.

Huge Corridors in the Temple

Stala Puranam
Hiranyaksha, the brother of Hiranyakashipu, wanted to be a dominant force. To achieve this, he rolled over the earth and took it into the nether world, from where he ruled. Bhoo Devi undertook penance seeking help from Lord Narayana to protect her from the Asura. Lord Vishnu took the form of Varaha (a boar), went into the sea and killed the asura. He brought back the earth on his Adisesha and appeared here as a Swayambu idol.

Legend has it that he created the Pushkarani with the sweat emanating from his body after his battle with Hiranyaksha. On his death bed, Hiranyaksha prayed to the Lord and as his final wish wanted the Lord to turn to turn in his direction. Hence Bhoo Varahan’s face is seen turned in the direction of the asura towards the South. An interesting feature of the moolavar deity at this temple is that the face, in the form of a boar, is turned towards South, while the body bearing a human shape is facing West in the direction of the devotees.

Childless couples can do a Pooja here and will be blessed with Children soon.

Shri Varaha Kavacham (The armour of Varaha) – A powerful mantra of Lord Varaha that can be recited everyday. A beautiful and simple explanation for Shri Varaha Kavacham can be found here –

Lord Sri Rama Temple : Outside the temple there is another beautiful temple for Lord Sri Rama. The uniqueness in the temple is that Lord Sri Rama is in sitting posture in this temple, a very rare sight.

More about the temple can be read in detail here –

Getting There
Srimushnam is about 70 kms from Cuddalore & 39 kms from Chidambaram. Please use the interactive map below to get more infor about the location & directions.


43 thoughts on “Srimushnam temple – A wonderful Experience

  1. Respected Swami,

    Great that you got the opportunity to visit this temple, and in the process informing us about the temple. The picture of the gopuram in the backdrop of the sky is quite good! Adiyen.


  2. I am living in Pondicherry and soon I will visit this temple as soon as possible.
    The picture of the Gopuram is amazing.

  3. Respected Swami, waiting for an opportunity to visit the temple. Pls give us inputs on various divyadesams you were blessed to have darshan . srividya

    • Whenever I am blessed with a chance to visit any Divyadesam, I will mostly post about it here. The blog can be followed through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter for updates. You may also pls click on Divyadesams section under Categories in the Left side of the page to see posts on various Divyadesams.


  4. I am sorry. But is it one of the 108 temples ? I do not think so. Please attribute the source of your information for making it a part of the 108.
    Its a part of 8 swayam vyakta kshetras.

    • Thanks for pointing out the errata. As far as I searched in the net, it doesn’t seem to be. The magnificent temple and the engaging stala purana made me think of it as a DivyaDesam. Please do point out any errata in any articles.

      My apologies for the mistake.

      • For a Kovil to be classified as a Divya Desam – there are criteria established by Azhavars. There has to be a pratyaksham of Thirumaal by ancient rishis/devatai , mangalasasanam by azhavars and a pushkarini and a vimanam. At least one azhavar Thirumangai azhavar has paid visits to majority of divya desams. So there has to be at least one mangalasasanam by him to Thirumaal for that Divya Desam.
        Since Divya Desams cannot be created the number has remained a constant for a very long time.

      • The following qualify as both Divya Desams as well as Syavam Vyakta Kshetras
        1) Sri Rangam
        2) Tirumala
        3) Badrinath
        4) Sri Muktinath
        5) Toyadri (Vanamalai)
        6) Naimisharanyam.
        All these temples have mangalasasanams composed by Azhaavars.

  5. With the grace of Narayana, me and my wife have visited 104 divyadesams and hope to complete the rest by early 2012. I have not been called yet by deity Buvarahaswami and hope he will do so very shortly. I will make the visit from Chennai just to visit this holy place and receive his blessings. Thanks for the inspiration through your article.

    • Swami,
      It is wonderful that you had visited 104 Divyadesams. For your kind information, a reader has rightly pointed out that Srimushnam temple doesn’t come under 108 Divyadesams. But it is a Beautiful Kshetram nevertheless.

  6. Lord Vishnu resides in Srimushnam in three forms: the ‘Ashwatha tree’, ‘Nithya Pushkarani’ and ‘Bhoovaraha Swamy’. The temple cistern, the ‘Nithya Pushkarani’, contains water known for its medicinal value as a panacea. The Secound, ‘Ashwatha tree’, stands near the sacred cistern and is believed to have the beneficial effect of blessing sterile women with progeny. Meditation and chanting of the ‘Gayathri Mantra’ under the tree after bathing in the holy cistern are said to vouchsafe a place in the heavens. This is astothram (8), not comes under 108 divyadesam . This is 8 swayam vyakta kshetras. Like 1).SriRangam, 2).SRIMUSHNAM,3).Thirupathi,4).Vaanamaamalai,in south,and 5).Patrikhasram,6).Pushkaram,7).Naimisaranyam,and 8).Saaligram.

  7. Srimushnam located 35 kms from Chidambaram, Srimushnam, the famous Vaishnava temple of Bhoovaraga. This is one of the eight Vaishavas shrines. The image in the temple is self created (Swayam Vyakta) representing Varaaga Avataram. The front Mandapam called Purushasukara Mandapam built in the 17th century looks like a chariot with elegantly carved figures of warriors riding the horses and elephants.And Stone Chains appears on four corners , Different Danceses and different sound stone pillars. Srimushnum is one of the 8 Swayambu Kshetrams in India.This is a Prarthana Sthalam for childless couples. Both, who have bath in the Nithya Pushkarani, go around the Arasa tree 12times, offer milk and fruits to small kids.This is also a prarthana sthalam for the unmarried. Lord is also said to help devotees in the purchase of house and car.Srimushnum Bhoo Varaha Swamy is the only temple that brings together such unity between Muslims and Hindus and this event continues to take place to this day.
    The Moolavar Sannathi opening time every day 7.30am to 12.30pm and 4.30pm to 8.30pm. Daily abhisegam for the main deity (Moolavar)

      • In Maasi Magam Perumal goes near Chidambaram for taking bath in Sea. On his way he visits through a Thaikkal where an Muslim Jamin’s Samathi is there. So muslims from those area offer Lord a Green Salvai and others as a gesture continues for years. It is believed that once this Jamin wa sfacing severe stomach pain and some one suggested to have the darshan of Sri Yagna Varaha who is on the way to Kalalaadi. Immediately his stomach pain vanished and there after he become the Bhaktha. So Hindu Muslim unity continues since that time. You can hear many named as Boorasahib, which is an extension of Bhoo Varaha.

  8. Vanamamali perumal , Nanguneri had the oil well. pujari told oil will come out it self and do the oil abhishekam to god for one month. focus more on this..

  9. நானும் என் மனைவியும் சமீபத்தில் ஸ்ரீ முஷ்ணம் ஸ்வயம் தேசத்திற்கு சென்று வந்தோம். ஆகா என்ன அழகிய கோவில்.ஸ்ரீ பூவராகவ சுவாமியை பார்த்துக்கொண்டே இருக்கலாம் போல் உள்ளது. தாயாரும் அப்படியே. எவ்வளவோ துன்பங்களுக்கு இடையில் சென்று வந்தது மனதிற்கு ஆறுதலாக இருக்கிறது.
    -மு.விஜய்செல்வன் திருச்சி

  10. From Chennai, which is the best route for coming by car? can you please suggest. I would like to visit the temple along with my wife and son.
    Thanks Vaidyanathan

  11. Swami,
    Will you pl let us know where we can locate the Ashtotharam and Sahasranamam of Shri Varaha Swamy (preferably in sanskrit PDF)

  12. Adiyen Ramanuja dasan,

    Adiyen would like to hav darshan of VarahaPerumaan @ Srimushnam, just need to clarify something. If someone who would have been regular to that temple can guide adiyen

    1.Details of travel if by Train or Bus from chennai ( where to land , which bus to catch etc)
    2.What other Vaishnava temples around Srimushnam could be Darshand..

    Request adiyars to share their views, thanks in advance

    Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

  13. dear swamy, this is very good to note the divine responses from so many anbargal. I would like to know the detailed literature about THE SAPTHA KANNIGAIGAL said to be the friends of AMBUJAVALLI THAYAR who accompanied her to the Shrine for the Heavenly Union – Marriage of LORD BOOVARAHA SWAMY and AMIRTHAVALLI THAYAR. N.Murthhi SALEM

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