Found Site : Sri Vaishnava News Website –

The bagavathas behind have come out with yet another useful website –, a Sri Vaishnava News Website with information on not just Divyadesam Utsavams, but also happenings in other temples of Lord Vishnu.

Visitors can also contribute news to the website by e-mailing to There is also a Travelogue section which contains travelogues on Sri Vaishnava Divyadesams & temples. Books & CD Releases is a very useful section with information on Sri Vaishnava Books, CD & DVD releases. News from various Ashrams & Mutt can also be found in the site. Apart from these general Sri Vaishnava articles can also be found here.


4 thoughts on “Found Site : Sri Vaishnava News Website –

  1. Swami, thank you for the useful information. The site looks good and comprehensive. These Bhagavatas are doing wonderful work. Any idea where they are based?

  2. kindly read the vaishnavizm book about lord varadharaja perumal, named DIVYA MAALAI(Kachi varadhan kavi maalai) written by Sri U.Ve. D. Chakrapani Iyengar, reitired Tamil pandit, aged 80 years, which ordered in a dream by lord varadharaja to write. The book was relelased in Puducherry, on February 10th 2013. Kindly see details in website. and send your valulable feed back. Thanks.

  3. Pleasfffffe video kona viali sevai on kuthera vahanam of Lord Ranganatha preferably the Chithrai masa festival and post it here.

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