Thirumalisai Alwar Vaibhavam 7 (Final)

A Humble Request : This is the final part of the Thirumalisai Alwar Vaibhavam series. With the grace of Sriman Narayana, the series will be brought out as an e-book. I kindly request readers to point out errata / suggestions of any kind, so that the final book will be without mistakes I might have committed. Also it would be wonderful if readers are aware of any Paintings from Thirumalisai Alwar’s life which can make the book even more interesting. Artists / Writers willing to contribute are very welcome. Please mail to

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After some days, Alwar goes to the overflowing banks of River Cauvery and throws hundreds of works he had composed into the flood waters. Of all his works, Naanmugan Thiruvandhadi & Thiru Chanda Viruththam alone move against the tide and reach Alwar’s feet. He then realises that these 2 works alone are enough to enlighten the world out of misery and gives these works to some Mumukshu’s.

Finally Alwar goes to Thirukudanthai to see the reclining Lord Aravamudhan. Alwar is mesmerised by the beauty of the Lord and sings “Vaazhi Kesavan”. Alwar requests Perumal to speak to him, to which Perumal readily obliges and gets up (from His sleeping posture) to speak to Alwar. Suddenly, Alwar again requests perumal to be in the very posture of getting up, and to this day Thirukudanthai Perumal can be seen in this posture.

After being in Yogic state for many years, Alwar finally attains Moksham.

Thirumalisai Alwar’s Works

Naanmugan Thiruvandhadi tells about the Supremacy of Lord Sriman Narayana. An English Commentry on Naanmugan Thiruvandhadi is available here (from site)

ThiruChanda Virutham vyakhanam can be found here –


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