Online Sri Vaishnava e-classes


The internet has provided for many ways to learn about Sri Vaishnavam. Adding to the list of vast Sri Vaishnava resources online is Sri Vaishnavam eClass. The e-class will be an interactive session on Divya Prabhandhams in sandhai format. Emphasis will be given to meanings & pronunciation of Pasurams. The following are the classes currently going on.

Saturday , Sunday 7pm – 8pm IST
1. Nithyaanusanthaanam

Monday -Friday , 10am – 11am IST
1. Nithyaanusanthaanam

Monday -Thursday 6pm-6:30pm IST
1. Sri Vishnu Sahasranaama Paaraayanam

Friday 6:00pm-7:00pm IST
1. Sri Lakshmi Sahasranaama Paaraayanam
2. Sri Vishnu Sahasranaama Paaraayanam

Saturday -Sunday 6:30pm-7pm IST
1. Sri Vishnu Sahasranaama Paaraayanam

Interested bagavathas, please e-mail to for Registration. Bagavathas can also join the Facebook Group – (Link Corrected)


9 thoughts on “Online Sri Vaishnava e-classes

  1. We appreciate your efforts to make bhagavats to improve/learn over their existing levels of knowledge on Sri vaishnavism. . In the days where time to spare is scarce, devoting some time for this noble cause is worth emulating by others. May God bless you.

    Ramanuja dasudu,


    • Swami,

      All credit goes to the people actually behind the effort. I am just a pointer to such resources, nothing else. Sriman Narayana has been kind enough to bless me with opportunities to help Bagavadhas.

      Adiyean Dasan.

  2. what about vaishnavism classes for Office goers? We too would like very much to join the classes. Can we also be blessed?

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