Sri Vaishnava Programmes on TV

For the aid of Bagavathas, the following are the Sri Vaishnava programmes on Television channels.

Programme Channel Schedule
Bharathathil Dharmam
Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami
Vijay TV 6:00 AM
Monday – Friday
Srimad Ramayanam Upanyasam
Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami
DD Podhigai 6:30 AM
Monday – Friday
Vishnu Puranam Zee Tamil 9:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Monday – Friday
(BR Chopra Serial)
Zee Tamil 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM
Saturday & Sunday
Ramanuja Nutrandadhi Upanyasam
Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami
SVBC 11:30 AM & 10:30 PM
Dwarakai Krishnar
Polimer TV 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM & 6:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Monday – Friday
Jai Shree Krishna
Captain TV 6:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Monday – Friday
Kuresa Charitam SVBC 8:00 PM

Vishnu Puranam in Zee Tamil seems to have been stopped. Please request the channel to telecast the program in the Feedback section of their website –
Newly added programs Highlighted in Yellow.
Please comment / mail missed out Programs to


5 thoughts on “Sri Vaishnava Programmes on TV

  1. Hare Krishna ,

    Today i met some people from Sri Vaishnav Sampradaya , they take Gaanja ( Intoxicant ) .
    I heard Shivaities doing it , but never heard Vaishnava doing ,

    What is your take on it ..
    It brings shame to Vaishnava community ..

    One More Question , Do you worship Lord Shiva , what to you consider him ?

    • Some people call themselves Sri Vaishnavas and do such lowly things. As far as I know its only some Siddha’s intake such drugs and they cannot be called even Shaivaites. They try to achieve Salvation by Yoga & Meditation which is not possible.

      As far as worshipping Lord Shiva, Sri Vaishnavas do not. It’s surely not out of disrespect, but just that it’s not necessary. You may read Thirumalisai Alwar’s book Naanmugan Thiruvandhadhi for more about this.


      • Swamin Ramanujan Avargal,

        Namaskaram, this is KRISHNAN from Hyderabad, basically we are from Chengalput, Pup\lippakkam, Tamil Nadu, migrated to Hyderabad in early 70s and settled here, but keeping in constant touch with our native village where we have our own temple – SRI PERUNDEVINAYAKA SAMETHE PUNDARIKA VARDHAR SANNADHI (this temple was established during my grand/great grandfather’s time and was /is well maintained even toddy). This temple is managed by my father’s cousin brother Mr. Pulippakkam Vedantha DESIKAN, who is an Advocate in Chengalput District Court. I came to know about Swamin’s contribution for propagating the HINDU traditions and rites/values through RANGANADHA PADUKA. I recite SUDARSHANA ASHTAKAM everyday, at times recite SRI VISHNU SAHASRANAMAM, besides ADITHYA HRUDAYAM. Though not very fluent like other Scholars and others, I do little bit of these slokas. I am interested to learn more about our other rituals that are required to be performed by us in our day-to-day life in order to lead a more religious life, for which I request you to guide me.


        P R A KRISHNAN

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