Anjaneya Swami and Thirumangai Alwar

A post where I take the liberty to put down my thoughts. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

For some days, something about Swami Anjaneya and Thirumangai Alwar had attracted adiyean. Both Swami Anjaneya and Thirumangai Alwar were immensely powerful. The very thought of Anjaneya Swami eliminates all fear and gives us immense energy. Thirumangai Alwar – Kaliyan looted from Sriman Narayana Himself. They were strong willed and nothing materialistic ever affected them. But when it comes to devotion to Sriman Narayana, both became a just born Child. Swami Anjaneya would melt hearing the divine name Sri Rama; Thirumnagai Alwar in His Paasurams takes Naayika Bhaavam and cries to Sriman Narayana to grant him Moksha.

But what about us? The materialistic world affects us and makes us cry and weep. Difficulties totally affect us and we go to great lengths to overcome them. We go to great lengths to earn well. We go to great lengths to make ourselves comfortable. We go to great lengths to make sure we are looked up in the society. But when it comes to Sriman Narayana, we suddenly become strong willed and aloof – “It’s okay if I spend only 10 minutes for Sriman Narayana”, “There’s an Utsavam in a temple nearby, it’s okay if I didn’t go. I am tired.”, “It’s okay if I don’t visit any DivyaDesam, my days are packed.”

I just wish I remain strong willed and unaffected about materialistic world, but when it comes to Sriman Narayana – melt in devotion.


17 thoughts on “Anjaneya Swami and Thirumangai Alwar

  1. A wonderful thought! Me too wonder why I am after materialistic pleasures. Why I am not making efforts to Think, walk, hear about Sriman Narayan at altimes. The Mann all powerful and clouds the real desire with earthly things. Bhaja Govindam! Bhaja Govindam! Govindam Bhaja Mooda Mathe…….

  2. As usual, aptly and beautifully expressed. Yes, I too echo your feelings. However, ultimately, it is only He who has to bestow on us the grace to yearn for Him alone. This way, we are worse than children. At least children cry when they are hungry and the mother will then feed the child. But we don’t even know that we are hungry and so we don’t cry. He only, in His infinite Grace sees us suffering endlessly and puts the seed of wanting Him. We can only pray to Him for unlimited desire for Him. The rest is upto Him.
    Thank you sir once more for your beautiful article.

    • Yes Sir, your words are true. It’s only by His grace we can have unlimited desire for Him. As I heard in an Upanyasam, Sriman Narayana is the destination, as well as the route.

      Adiyean Dasan.

  3. Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan,
    aam thangal solluvathu pol naam ellam intha ulakam inbam thane thedi pokirom. (leela vibuthi).
    Nitya vibuthi anubhavikka Sriman Narayanane nammakku arul puriavendum. Adharku naam koncham muyarchi seyya vendum. Sada AVAN naama japam, ella edamum avan than vyabithuirrukkan endru nenithu nenithu avan charan vendavendum.

    aanaal naam entha bumiyil vandade avanai adaya than endru purinthu nadakkanum. num payanam intha bumiyil rail payanam polavethan. destinatiion ie eranga vendiya edam vanthathum rail eraguvom ellaya adhu pol than avan thiruvadi adivadhe than entha jeevanin nokkam endru Bhaghavanai prarthanai seyyavendum.
    Smt.Radha Sridharan

  4. Dear Dasan
    its great to imply the fundamental philosophy of Sri Vaishanavism
    total surrender at the Lotus feet of SRIMAN NARAYANAN

    While materialism is much desired in this world of “DARWIN’S theory and its adoption to the core”
    dedication to SRIMAN NARAYANA would make one self modest and understand that we
    whatever our earthly status are just a Molehill or even a part of it

    we are just a fraction of fragment , some where one among Billions of human beings and trillions of living creatures – on this earth , which is just a planet going around a single star called sun
    imagine the galaxy which is just combination of thousnads of such stars
    and the milky way which consists of many galaxies
    all created by just a dust from the LOTUS FEET of SRIMAN NARAYANA


    Instead we our selves dividing into vadakalai thenkalai and goes to the considering each other as out caste is nothing but human intervention and split personality standards of mean mindedness
    let us first unite n demolish this artificial barriers (which goes to the extent of rejecting prospective
    married life among suitable youngsters -just because of the “kalai”)
    and learn to respect each other and surrender our ethos and egos which are nothing but transit in nature and spread the DIVINITY and SUPREME NATURE of NARAYANA only

    dasan Nandakumar

    • Dear Sir,
      Your comparison is admirable.Please continue your VAISHNAVA SEVA.

  5. Is it really possible for the layman to see something of great significance in religion or does he have to undertake study of the scriptures and mythology and acquire much learning which will give him the much discussed ‘moksham’ ?! 🙂

    • All you need is the desire and love to know about Him. Once you have both, Sriman Narayana will definitely guide you..


      • // poorvacharyas have not emphasised hanuman

        In my limited understanding, it is true, but the context has to understood. Acharyas have not endorsed Hanuman as Brahmam. The article is also celebrating Hanuman’s devotion to the Lord, and not asking us to worship Hanuman as Para-Brahmam. Unconditional devotion of Siriyathiruvadi is an example for us..

  6. I requested to enroll mme as subscriber.Pl. let me know the fate o fmy requestWith Regards M.V Narasimhan


  7. In the context of talking about Thirumangai Azhwar’s strength, adiyen like to recall the upanyasam by Velukkudi Swamy on Thirumalai. When Thondaradipodi Azhwar says “mindar pAindhu uNNum soRRai vilakki nAikkiduminIre”(Snatch the food from avaidikas and give it to dogs) it is said that he actually refers to Thirumangai Azhwar who is strong enough fulfill Thondaradipodi Azhwar’s request.

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