Kinchitkaram Divyadesa Thondu

Kinchitkaram Trust Divyadesa Thondu

Kinchitkaram Trust has come out with another really wonderful effort. Reading the leaflet I felt like this was just what every Sri Vaishnava would need. Here is what the scheme is…

Due to our commitments, most of us live in cities. Nevertheless, we all yearn to stay in a tranquil Divyadesam for some days and do some Kainkaryams for the Lord there. But we are unsure about food, accommodation & the kainkaryams that cane be done. Kinchitkaram Trust, through this service helps bagavathas to stay in Divyadesams. To start with, the trust has shortlisted 4 Divyadesams bagavathas can visit and do kainkaryams.

  • Food & Accomodation will be arranged by the Trust. Accomodation is being provided free of cost and food at a very nominal price.
  • Books & CD’s on the Divyadesam will be provided by the Trust.
  • Interested Bagavathas can register through Kinchitkaram Volunteers or through the Kinchitkaram site –

During the Stay

  • You can do Pushpa Kainkaryams (Garlands / Tulsi for the Lord), help keep the temple premises clean, draw kolams in temples etc.
  • You can also sing or play devotional tunes in Flute / Tabala etc.
  • You can also offer financial help to the Archakas, other swamis and even the temple workers. These donations are given directly by you to the divyadesa people and NOT through the Trust.

The 4 wonderful Divyadesams shortlisted

  1. Katumannar Kovil (Near Chidambaram)
  2. Sirupuliyur (Near Mayiladuthurai)
  3. ThiruKanangudi (Near Nagapattinam)
  4. Koviladi Appakuduthaan (Near Trichy)

All the 4 divyadesams are very beautiful but less visited by Bagavathas. Visiting the wonderful Perumals in these Divyadesmas offer a unforgettable experience. More than money, it encourages the Archakas when they see a lot of devotees coming daily to see the Lord and do Kainkaryams. We spend most of our lives running mindlessly in concrete jungles, catering to ourselves. Once in a while it is good to stop runing and live a couple of days for Him. For more information, please see Brochure below.


8 thoughts on “Kinchitkaram Divyadesa Thondu

  1. I bow my head to Swami Ramanujar, I salute Kinchitkaram Trust for the devoted Devotional Services,
    making a layman like me to understand in what ways all one can perform services to the Divya Desams, Acharyas, Bhakthas, Koils. I am proud to be (a member) part of Kinchitkaram Trust. Adiyen Raghavan Mudumbai Ramanujadasan, Madipakkam 9444282583

  2. Adiyen Ramanuja Daasan, UYYA ORE VAZI UDAYAVAR THIRUVADI andha thiruvadikku vazi katta Perumanukku THONDU puriya kinchitkaram trust kattum vazigal ATHI ATBHUDHAM.

  3. This is a wonderful project for elders since they have a lot of time to think of Lord Sriman Narayana the supreme Brahmam, and have happiness to see Thirumenis of Moolavar and utsavars.the vibrations inthese Temples will bring inner joy when you do kaingaryams for the sake of Emperuman.This is the best opportunity to share wtih others Rama Anu yatra.I know little bit of Kolam and pushpam garlend.since i had given my name for DivyaDesa Thondu,i am waiting for the opportunity to serve the lord.To begin with. desire to serve Lord for two days everymonth.

  4. Your service and guidance are commendable. After all one yearns for peaceful life at divine places like temples and mutts on reaching certain age, serving the Lord in whatever way possible but does not know how and where? There comes your help. Certainly delighted to know the noble job you do. Thanks – Devarajan, Mysore

  5. I want to make a small contribution. I’m from western india, Know english/hindi. But i’d love to spend some days in such temple doing hariseva. Is there a way I can make financial contribution online (EFT/card/Neft)?

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