e-book on Thiru Vaasiriam Vyakhyanam

Thank you readers for the kind comments for Thirukachi Nambhigal Vaibhavam e-book. Adiyean had been thinking of the next book to be done, and came across an very old Grantham “Thiru Vaasiriram Vyakhanam” written by Vyakhana Chakravathy Sri Periya Vachaan Pillai. Adiyean searched the internet to see if any such book exists, but unfortunately the book doesn’t seem to be available. Thiru Vaasiriram by Nammalwar has just 7 Paasurams. But this Grantham has wonderful vyakahyanam with explanation every single word followed by explanation of the complete Paasuram. Adiyean has attached few pages (click thumbnails for larger view) of the book. Adiyean would like to know about readers views regarding feasibility of Translating the book in English as well as typing the book as it is in Tamil. Baagavathas willing to contribute, please leave a message via Sri Vaishanava Digital Fund page.

Thiru Vaasiriam
Thiru Vaasiriam
Thiru Vaasiriam
Thiru Vaasiriam


3 thoughts on “e-book on Thiru Vaasiriam Vyakhyanam

  1. Respected Swami, 11 March 2014. My respectful pranams to your holy feet. Swami, Thank you again for initiating the effort to translate Tiruvasiriam is an excellent one. This work of Swami Nammalwar is supposed to be the equivalent of Yajur Veda. Can Swami let us know how many pages does the vyakyanam have? What is the time frame you are thinking of for uploading the translation and the original? Since the original exposition by Sri Periavachan Pillai Swami is in old Tamil, I wonder how many lay people will be able to understand it as such. I have a copy of the vyakyanam by one Dr Kamalakannan, a publicaiton of Varthamanan Publication. This gives in simple Tamil, the gist of the meaning of entire 4000 verses. This is what I am using extensively to read. Since it has only 7 verses, a short summary in English can be thought of in the first instance along with the Tamil original. Translating the Tamil vyakyanam even for just 7 songs may be a tough task (of course, if Sriman Narayanan wills, it will be easy no doubt). This is only a suggestion and I am sure there will be Bagwathas who will be well versed in both Tamil and English who can do a perfect job. My prayers to Sriman Narayan for the success of this venture. With warm regards, Adiyean Ramanathan.

    • Swami, Thank you for the encouraging comments. Always wonderful to hear from devareer. Regarding the translation by Swamy Periyavachaan Pillai, it is of course a little difficult. But adiyean feels that it is very important that such works are translated and preserved for posterity. In today’s world it is easy for such works to be lost. Inspite of the difficulty we may endure, its worth the effort. Also since the number of Paasuram is just 7, it’s not completely impossible too. Adiyean doesnt have a particular time frame, it’s all in Sriman Narayana’s feet.


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