Something we all forget about Narasimha Perumal

Apologies for the lengthy absence from new posts. Sometimes we forget that the harder we try to win in this Samsaram (materialistic world), the deeper we get caught in it.


Now coming to the topic, recently adiyean had the privilege of talking to a very devout bagavatha. Of the 10 Avatarams, Adiyean always had a special liking for Lord Sri Rama. Everything about Lord Rama, starting from the Divine Name to the myriad gunas of Lord Sri Rama were special for me. Sometimes regardless of which Perumal or Divyadesam it was, adiyean used see the Deity as Sri Rama. Typically, adiyean hadn’t spoken (we all can converse with the Lord) much with Narasimha Perumal. Maybe fear of my own misdoings and ferocity of Narasimha Perumal never allowed me to converse as blissfully I would with the ever charming Sri Rama or Sri Krishna or the most beautiful Thirukurungudi Nambhi. But this wonderful bagavatha, calmly said something about Narasimha avataram that adiyean was wondering why it never came to my mind all these days. The Bagavatha simply said Narasimha Perumal was the only avatar where the Lord Himself came down for a single bhaktha. For a moment adiyean felt it was not right, but when adiyean thought about it, the bagavatha was indeed very true. Even after killing Hiranyakashipu, the Lord’s anger wasn’t satisfied. Only after Bhaktha Prahalada requested the Lord to calm down, was Sriman Narayana pacified. Sri Rama & Sri Krishna avatars had a bigger purpose than just killing asuras. They were meant to teach us about Lord’s various Kalyana Gunas, how to live righteously in this materialistic world and finally attain Sriman Narayana. The other avatars were mostly upon request of other Gods or to fulfill boons granted. It’s only Narasimha avatar wherein the Lord Himself came down for a single Bhaktha and only that. A simple fact, but very easily forgotten. Ever since this conversation with the Bagavatha, adiyean realised Narasimha Perumal had always been smiling… as beautifully as Sri Rama & Sri Krishna! It was adiyean who had failed to see it.

Please feel free to correct adiyean if wrong and share your thoughts in comments.


11 thoughts on “Something we all forget about Narasimha Perumal

  1. Very good to know this. Thanks for this wonderful post. I thought that narasimaa was very powerful but I came to realize that he was full of kindness and soft.

  2. Hare Krishna! Bangalore-560048, July 26, 2014

    Kindly forgive me for using the word I instead of adiyen. A good friend of mine and a neighbour who is a faculty of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore is coming from Melkote. On a couple of occasions, I used to seek information about the place, history, etc. However, the curiosity to visit the place got increased over a period of time.

    Today, when I was browsing the mails, I could read a blog on Sree Ramanujar and his devotion/love for Seluva Pillai. Strangely or by a mere coincidence, I come from Trichy, where the treatment of the then Chola King to Sree Ramanujar, his move to Melkote consequently and his inclination to trace his Divine Lord in the treasures looted by the emperor, etc. The Seluva Pillai upon being called, came like child responding to his mother’s voice, shows the divinity in Sree Ramanujar.

    I also lived for close to four decades in Delhi and visited a few places, but could not visit the loots.

    I am indebted to you for bringing this blog for many readers like me to benefit and enjoy. May the Lord shower His grace on all.

    Hare Krishna!



    • Please feel free to use the language devareer is comfortable with. All that matters is sharing the beautiful experiences Sriman Narayana has blessed us with. Please do visit Melkote & Tondanur, they are beautiful temples and having a darshan of deities in these temples are a special experience. And also do visit Thirukurungudi, a magnificent divyadesam.

      Adiyean Dasan.

      • Adiyean is nothing but the Sri Vaishnava way of saying I / Me. More precisely it would translate to “Me, the servant of Lord”. Devareer is a respectful way of addressing other devotees / acharyas. Something like addressing people as “Prabhu” in ISKCON…

  3. devarrir alavukku enakku gnamum bakthiyum illai, devarirai polave naanum ramanai nammil orutharaka kondu rama, rama endru pulambuven ( kashtam varumbodu) anu dhinam pasurappadi ramayanam solluven. devarir sadithathu puddhithagavum adhaey samayam ettukollumbadiyagavum ulladhu ini ramanodu narasimhanum namakku anudhinathu rakshagane
    thiru chitrakootam raghavan

    • Swami,
      Adiyean’s bhakthi is nothing. Everyone, regardless of Gnanam can be a bhaktha of the Lord. Avan meedhu Aasai ondre podhum. Nammakul Bhakthi undakuvathu, avanudaya poruppu.
      Please share your experiences in Thiru Chitrakootam, the place where Sri Rama lived happily with Sita Devi.

      Adiyean Dasan.

      • dasan,
        dearir sathithathu sari iruppinum lougigama irukkayil budhi thavarugiradhu, nammai thiruthi nalvazhiyil adavathu sarvesvaranidam asaio/bhakthiyo kolla seivadhu avan poruppu. nammazhvar pol paripoorna saranakathi than vazhi.

        naan indha madham 16 n thethi thodangi 25 n thethi varai allahabad, chitrakoot, gurushektra, gokulam, madhura, brindavan mudalana iddangalakku acharyan, azhwar perumal kadakshathal selgirom chitrakoota anubavathai 27 n thethikku piragu solgiren.

        thiruchirakootam raghavan

  4. I don’t understand these high sounding words you ‘ Adiyaens ‘ keep sharing . But One Important Feature I’ve abundantly Experienced and experiencing is this – You will be Blessed with BOUNTIFUL SAAPAAD once you Trust HIM ! I am a Simpleton and ‘am Content with such boon !May Lord SriNarasimha be with you thro’ your Mortal Journey and thereafter !… Thank You !

  5. Bhagavan Narasimhar came for the sake of Prahalada and possibly is the Shortest avatharam timewise, as per our time calculations. But He is also our Father, Mother and Everything dear to us and continues to Protect us even today,when we sincerely pray to Him! When He is showing Ughram, it is against the Asura tendencies in us, When He Smiles at Prahlada, He also Smiles at our inadequacies and through His abundant Souseelyam, He continues to Protect us all!
    Adiyeen Dasan Narayanan(kahanam)

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