Only Lord Sri Rama

A short post where adiyean is just sharing my thoughts… Every person has some God special to him or her. But devotees of Lord Sri Rama are a little more special. There’s a story about an artist who painted nothing else but only Lord Sri Rama’s Pattabhishekam. Adiyean has seen an old lady who used to only teach Ramayana Katha in Alwarthirunagari. As soon as Kulasekara Alwar heard that Lord Sri Rama was fighting alone with 14,000 rakshasas, he immediately prepared his army to help Sri Rama. There’s nothing that can control our Anjananeya swami, except for Sri Rama Nama Kirthanam. Wherever a Ramayana upanyasam happens, Anjaneya Swami is there with folded hands and tearful eyes. When Valmiki enquired Sage Narada about a person having 16 Kalyana Gunas, Narada couldn’t speak for few moments thinking about Lord Sri Rama and his Kalyana Gunas.

Indeed, Lord Sri Rama endears Himself to his devotees unlike anybody.

18 thoughts on “Only Lord Sri Rama

  1. thank you for sharing. its nice indeed. my father liked rama all da time n use to write rama namam whenever he felt disturbed. adiyen feels happy in . reading sundarakandam comparisons.jai sri ram jai sri krishna.adiyen

  2. I always repeatedly say Raama Raama Raama, whether sitting, walking, working, so when I sleep also only RAMA NAMA will sound within. JAI SRIRAM

    • The greatness of Sri Rama Nama is beautifully said in this sloka by Lord Siva…

      ஸ்ரீ ராம ராம ரமேதி ரமே ராமே மனோரமே
      ஸஹஸ்ர நாம தத்துல்யம் ராம நாம வரானனே

      • In the Brahmanda Purana it is stated:

        sahasra-namnam punyanam, trir-avrittya tu yat phalam;
        ekavrittya tu krishnasya, namaikam tat prayacchati.

        “The pious results (punya) achieved by chanting the thousand holy names of Vishnu (Vishnu-sahasra-nama-stotram) can be attained by only one utterance of the holy name of Krishna.”

      • Sorry for the previous reply. I did not argue but I felt v bad after that reply . Manithu arulungal. I deeply regret.

      • There is nothing for devareer to regret. Sri Krishna Nama is also equally great. As long as we keep thinking and chanting about Him, anything is fine; Sri Rama Nama or Sri Krishna Nama or the beautiful Divyaprabhandams by our Alwars.

        Adiyean Dasan.

  3. Thanks for sharing amazing posts. Please do often. Could you please share the most amazing moment/ kalyana Guna of Sri Rama. Also please let me know the best online site for sharing thoughts about krishna and Rama ( for beginners).

    • All credit to Sriman Narayan for the posts. With regards to the most amazing moment / kalyana guna, adiyean can share few bits of knowledge from Swami Velukkudi Krishnan’s upanyasams. The birth of Sri Rama is itself an amazing moment. Thinking that the Lord left his eternal abode amidst true bhakthas and came down to live amongst people like us itself brings tears to ones eyes. Regarding the Kalyana Guna of Sri Rama, it’s His Sowlabhya Guna where He accepts anybody regardless of Birth, Gnanam or Bhakthi is one of His foremost gunas. Devareer’s comment led me to search the net for more about Kalayana Gunas and adiyean found a wonderful series of articles. Will share them shortly.

      // Update // The article’s here –

      Adiyean Dasan.

  4. The Remembrance of Lord Rama brings tears to my eyes! How much Bhagavan suffered in spite of His being a Prince and King. At the end , He said that He is Rama, Son of King Dasaratha and never spoke about His Bhagavan status! Rama Naama is the Tharaka Manthram Lord Siva utters in the Jeeva’s Right ear at Vaaranasi, when the Jeeva is about to pass on! In Kali Yuga, only Naama chanting will help us! Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, Hare KrishNa Hare KrishNa, KrishNa KrishNa Hare Hare!
    Adiyen Dasan Narayanan(kahanam)

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