Cows, Calves & Sri Krishna : From a reader.

A reader mailed the below poem (or might be just a letter) and I felt it worth to be published.

The Poem :

Hare Krishna! Hare Krishna!!

Always I had asked You for favours.
But I had never asked for You.
I always wanted You to make me Happy.
But I had never made You happy.

I never followed your words.
Never did what You asked me to do.
Never lived as You said.
By my actions, I had ever hurt You.

I have a Dream.
I want to take You to a Place just for us.
You, Cows, Calves and me.
I had always hurt everybody.
I don’t want to hurt anybody again.

From a far corner,
I just want to see You playing.
I just want to see You mesmerize the Cows & Calves with Your music.
Give me untiring eyes to keep on seeing you!
I don’t want anything else now.