Ramayanam on Jaya TV

This was the first Ramayanam adiyean had seen on TV years back when it was telecast on Sun TV. Now the same Ramayanam is being telecast on Jaya TV, Monday – Friday on 7pm. All the episodes are on YouTube as well. Please do watch on TV or YouTube, it encourages the broadcaster.

All episodes can be seen in this playlist – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-lJP86ofiM&list=PLljM0HW-Kjfrgp27zzi0fo7xQHDnZduCS&index=45&spfreload=10

Something we all forget about Narasimha Perumal

Apologies for the lengthy absence from new posts. Sometimes we forget that the harder we try to win in this Samsaram (materialistic world), the deeper we get caught in it.


Now coming to the topic, recently adiyean had the privilege of talking to a very devout bagavatha. Of the 10 Avatarams, Adiyean always had a special liking for Lord Sri Rama. Everything about Lord Rama, starting from the Divine Name to the myriad gunas of Lord Sri Rama were special for me. Sometimes regardless of which Perumal or Divyadesam it was, adiyean used see the Deity as Sri Rama. Typically, adiyean hadn’t spoken (we all can converse with the Lord) much with Narasimha Perumal. Maybe fear of my own misdoings and ferocity of Narasimha Perumal never allowed me to converse as blissfully I would with the ever charming Sri Rama or Sri Krishna or the most beautiful Thirukurungudi Nambhi. But this wonderful bagavatha, calmly said something about Narasimha avataram that adiyean was wondering why it never came to my mind all these days. The Bagavatha simply said Narasimha Perumal was the only avatar where the Lord Himself came down for a single bhaktha. For a moment adiyean felt it was not right, but when adiyean thought about it, the bagavatha was indeed very true. Even after killing Hiranyakashipu, the Lord’s anger wasn’t satisfied. Only after Bhaktha Prahalada requested the Lord to calm down, was Sriman Narayana pacified. Sri Rama & Sri Krishna avatars had a bigger purpose than just killing asuras. They were meant to teach us about Lord’s various Kalyana Gunas, how to live righteously in this materialistic world and finally attain Sriman Narayana. The other avatars were mostly upon request of other Gods or to fulfill boons granted. It’s only Narasimha avatar wherein the Lord Himself came down for a single Bhaktha and only that. A simple fact, but very easily forgotten. Ever since this conversation with the Bagavatha, adiyean realised Narasimha Perumal had always been smiling… as beautifully as Sri Rama & Sri Krishna! It was adiyean who had failed to see it.

Please feel free to correct adiyean if wrong and share your thoughts in comments.

Sri Varaha Kavacham – Recitation & Meaning

In an earlier post on Srimushnam temple, a bagavatha asked about Shri Varaha Kavacham. Sriman Narayana blessed me with a beautiful recitation and an equally beautiful meaning for every line in english. My ignorance and initially I found the recitation to be normal. But seems Sriman Narayana wanted  me to show how beautiful it is; the net got disconnected and the recitation began to play from the beginning. And I just opened another link with the meanings. Suddenly as I heard the recitation and read the meaning, I realised how beautiful and powerful Shri Varaha Kavacham is. Sriman Narayana definitely plays with his devotees like a child 🙂 . Many thank to the Bagavatha for asking about Shri Varaha Kavacham.

For your reading pleasure the Recitation and the meaning are posted below. Continue reading

Swamy Velukkudi Krishnan’s wonderful talk with Mr.Cho Ramaswamy.

Journalist Cho Ramaswamy interviews Velukudi Krishnan in the second episode of travel show Sri Ramanin Padhayil telecast in Vijay TV (Sundays 10am).

Update : All the episodes can be watched here – youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsSTkBgqx7os9FRlz8J0wee-9IiWUeYxB