Only Lord Sri Rama

A short post where adiyean is just sharing my thoughts… Every person has some God special to him or her. But devotees of Lord Sri Rama are a little more special. There’s a story about an artist who painted nothing else but only Lord Sri Rama’s Pattabhishekam. Adiyean has seen an old lady who used to only teach Ramayana Katha in Alwarthirunagari. As soon as Kulasekara Alwar heard that Lord Sri Rama was fighting alone with 14,000 rakshasas, he immediately prepared his army to help Sri Rama. There’s nothing that can control our Anjananeya swami, except for Sri Rama Nama Kirthanam. Wherever a Ramayana upanyasam happens, Anjaneya Swami is there with folded hands and tearful eyes. When Valmiki enquired Sage Narada about a person having 16 Kalyana Gunas, Narada couldn’t speak for few moments thinking about Lord Sri Rama and his Kalyana Gunas.

Indeed, Lord Sri Rama endears Himself to his devotees unlike anybody.

Something we all forget about Narasimha Perumal

Apologies for the lengthy absence from new posts. Sometimes we forget that the harder we try to win in this Samsaram (materialistic world), the deeper we get caught in it.


Now coming to the topic, recently adiyean had the privilege of talking to a very devout bagavatha. Of the 10 Avatarams, Adiyean always had a special liking for Lord Sri Rama. Everything about Lord Rama, starting from the Divine Name to the myriad gunas of Lord Sri Rama were special for me. Sometimes regardless of which Perumal or Divyadesam it was, adiyean used see the Deity as Sri Rama. Typically, adiyean hadn’t spoken (we all can converse with the Lord) much with Narasimha Perumal. Maybe fear of my own misdoings and ferocity of Narasimha Perumal never allowed me to converse as blissfully I would with the ever charming Sri Rama or Sri Krishna or the most beautiful Thirukurungudi Nambhi. But this wonderful bagavatha, calmly said something about Narasimha avataram that adiyean was wondering why it never came to my mind all these days. The Bagavatha simply said Narasimha Perumal was the only avatar where the Lord Himself came down for a single bhaktha. For a moment adiyean felt it was not right, but when adiyean thought about it, the bagavatha was indeed very true. Even after killing Hiranyakashipu, the Lord’s anger wasn’t satisfied. Only after Bhaktha Prahalada requested the Lord to calm down, was Sriman Narayana pacified. Sri Rama & Sri Krishna avatars had a bigger purpose than just killing asuras. They were meant to teach us about Lord’s various Kalyana Gunas, how to live righteously in this materialistic world and finally attain Sriman Narayana. The other avatars were mostly upon request of other Gods or to fulfill boons granted. It’s only Narasimha avatar wherein the Lord Himself came down for a single Bhaktha and only that. A simple fact, but very easily forgotten. Ever since this conversation with the Bagavatha, adiyean realised Narasimha Perumal had always been smiling… as beautifully as Sri Rama & Sri Krishna! It was adiyean who had failed to see it.

Please feel free to correct adiyean if wrong and share your thoughts in comments.

Blessed Creatures…

We are all humans and we consider ourselves lucky to be so, which is quite true. But there are many instances where some animals have been far more luckier than ourselves.

  1. Squirrel – In Ramayana, a humble squirrel helped Lord Sri Rama build the bridge to Lanka. Seeing their devout service, Sri Rama affectionately patted on its back. How many of us would be lucky enough to be affectionately touched by the Lord Himself? Size and power really doesn’t matter when it comes to Bhakthi!
  2. Jatayu – In Ramayana, Jatayu valiantly fought against Ravana to save Sita Devi. After Jatayu left for Moksha, Lord Sri Rama himself did the last rites for the bird, just like a son. No words to say how lucky Jatayu Maharaj was.
  3. The Vanaras – An entire army of vanaras helped Lord Sri Rama fight Ravana. How lucky would the vanaras be to see and talk to The Lord himself. And none could be more blessed than our Hanuman, the true eternal Bhaktha.
  4. Cows – The cows that Sri Krishna herded should be really blessed. Unlike others who were with the Lord in the times of war, the cows were with Sri Krishna when he was living peacefully in Brindhavanam. They had to just listen to the soulful music from Sri Krishna’s flute and rest under Sri Krishna’s lotus feet. What a bliss!!
  5. 5 horses that Sri Krishna used to drive his chariot in Mahabharata. Sri Krishna himself fed and took care of the horses.
  6. Gajendra Alwar – He called and The Lord came flying. No more words.
  7. Aadalma – While all others were with The Lord Himself, Aadalma was the horse of one of the most devout bakthas of The Lord – Thirumangai Alwar. It is with this wonderful horse that Thirumangai Alwar visited the 106 divyadesams (in earth). If you help The Lord, He is happy, but if you help his devotee, He is even more happy!!
Please feel free to add to the above list and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Anjaneya Swami and Thirumangai Alwar

A post where I take the liberty to put down my thoughts. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

For some days, something about Swami Anjaneya and Thirumangai Alwar had attracted adiyean. Both Swami Anjaneya and Thirumangai Alwar were immensely powerful. The very thought of Anjaneya Swami eliminates all fear and gives us immense energy. Thirumangai Alwar – Kaliyan looted from Sriman Narayana Himself. They were strong willed and nothing materialistic ever affected them. But when it comes to devotion to Sriman Narayana, both became a just born Child. Swami Anjaneya would melt hearing the divine name Sri Rama; Thirumnagai Alwar in His Paasurams takes Naayika Bhaavam and cries to Sriman Narayana to grant him Moksha.

But what about us? The materialistic world affects us and makes us cry and weep. Difficulties totally affect us and we go to great lengths to overcome them. We go to great lengths to earn well. We go to great lengths to make ourselves comfortable. We go to great lengths to make sure we are looked up in the society. But when it comes to Sriman Narayana, we suddenly become strong willed and aloof – “It’s okay if I spend only 10 minutes for Sriman Narayana”, “There’s an Utsavam in a temple nearby, it’s okay if I didn’t go. I am tired.”, “It’s okay if I don’t visit any DivyaDesam, my days are packed.”

I just wish I remain strong willed and unaffected about materialistic world, but when it comes to Sriman Narayana – melt in devotion.

My thoughts : Inception

No doubts. This is a Hollywood movie in this blog on Sri Vaishnavam. But Why? This critically acclaimed movie, I felt has a lot of things depicted that has been well said ages before in our Literature. Here go my thoughts on this movie and our culture.

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My Thoughts : No fear!

These thoughts have been running in my mind for quite sometime and now, am posting it. We believe that not a single atom can move against God’s intention, but still we all live in fear of something. Fear of losing our jobs, fear of death, fear of losing loved ones, fear of future, fear of career and so on. But we forget that this world is materialistic and nothing in this world can give eternal happiness. If we are poor, we are worried about not having money; if we are rich, we are worried about protecting it; if we are not married, we are worried about not having a family; if we have a family we are worried about running it; the circle goes on. We also forget that this lifetime is a small phase in the timeless journey of our Atma, and that the difficult times that we endure are just minuscule parts of this already minuscule life. And even the difficulties we endure here are for some good only. Eternal happiness is possible only when we understand what real happiness is, and real happiness is possible only in Sri Vaikuntam with Sriman Narayana.

Many a times we are sad because our loved ones are sad. But the fact remains that every relationship expects something from us. The only One who doesn’t expect anything from us is the Supreme God, Sriman Narayana. All He expects from us is to Believe in Him & Surrender to Him. Once we believe and surrender in Him, we can live happily with no fear, as the Omnipotent with limitless energy is protecting us. But unless we totally believe that we will be protected & we are protected, we will continue to live in fear. Even if we are to die, we are going to a much better place with eternal bliss & happiness and we no longer are under the vicious cycle of birth & death. We are just going back to where we came from, Sriman Narayana.

And many of us have got the intention to relate the magnitude of happiness and sufferings we face to the magnitude of our spiritualism. But again we forget that [as said earlier] this lifetime is a small phase in the timeless journey of our Atma, and that the difficult times that we endure are just minuscule parts of this already minuscule life. And even these difficulties are for some good that cannot been seen by us the very moment.

All we need to do is Surrender [Saranagathi] to Him and keep doing our duies [Karma Yoga] and live happily. He will take care of the rest.

Kali Yuga – It’s Good!

Seeing the way the world is going, we tend to say that it’s because of the Kali Yuga; and its true. But Kali Yuga isn’t too bad either. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Sri Velukkudi Swami’s Upanyasam. In the upanyasam, Swami said an interesting story. Once 3 rishis had some doubts and so met the great Vashista Brahmarishi to clear the doubts. At that time the Brahmarishi was bathing in a river and took a dip. As he got he said “Women are superior to men“. The next time he took a dip and said “Sudras are the superior caste” and after the final dip “Kali Yuga is the best“. Then he went towards the Rishis who were waiting for him. Once the Brahmarishi reached them, the other rishis said, “Our doubts have been cleared Brahmarishi” and left. In such a small incident all common beliefs are destroyed. Velukkudi Swami later explained the reasons behind all the 3. Here I just tell the reason behind why Kali Yuga is the best.

In the Krita Yuga people’s average life span was in tens of thousand years. Seeing the ills of today, this might seem to be very good news. But take this – what you do in a year in Krita yuga can be done in a day in Kali yuga. This applies even to salvation / mukthi. In Krita Yuga, the way to Mukthi was through constant meditation of Sriman Narayana. People meditated for thousands of years to attain mukthi. Just imagine meditating today for one hour! In Kali Yuga the way to mukthi is through meditation of the Divine name of the Lord. How Simple!

And one more interesting thing is that the Hindu Philosophy already knew about the Kali Yuga, thats why it said what is done in a year in Krita Yuga can be done in a day in Kali Yuga. To put simply, the Technological advancement. For instance, in Krita yuga if you wanted to know about something, you would have probably spend a year walking thousands of miles to find the person with that knowledge. In Kali yuga its just a matter of searching the Internet. But don’t forget that in Kali Yuga, to do something bad too you don’t need to spend much time! Again its a matter of how you use technology.

Hindu Philosophy – Just stunning!

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