There are quite a number of sites & blogs on Sri Vaishnavam. Here are a few which are worth visiting. Do take a moment and visit the sites and do not forget to leave your comments and suggestions to the site owners. Your comments & suggestions encourage the owners to develop the sites.

This site is the brain-child of Sri Murali Battar, a descendant of Sri Gopala Bhat Goswami Miras Archakar at Srirangam Temple. The site is regularly updated with news from the Sri Rangam temple. Photos of events in the temple are also regularly uploaded.

This site contains a really vast amount of information and is also regularly updated. Read more about the site in one of my blog posts. You can also listen to Upanyasams online in this site. A MUST VISIT site.

A regularly updated site created by Sri Vaishnavas in The United States. Free e-Books, e-Journals, Tele Upanyasams are available in the site. Dig through the various links and you are sure to find a lot of useful information. A re-design would help the visitors easily access all the contents.

This is the website of the famous publishing house Sri Vaishnava Sri. It contains information about the their publications, pictures and more. But the site is less regularly updated and tad poor on design & functionality.

This site has lots of information on works of Sri Ramanujar, Sri Manavala Mamuni, Sri Vedanta Desikar and more. The site contains details and summaries on works like Sri-Bhashya, Vedarthasangraha, Divya Prabandham and lots more. Information on Alwars, famous vaishnavite temples and many more are available. But this site has not been updated for a long time. Kindly e-mail the site owner to update the site more often.

The best thing about the above site is its collection of rare books in pdf format, which are free for download (

As the name implies this is the site of the Kinchitkaram Trust of Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy. The site is very engaging and shows a lot of promise. Some pages are still under construction. This site also has a blog. Definitely a MUST VISIT.

21 thoughts on “Links

  1. what are the sub sects like munithreyam pancharathram vaikasanam
    how do we know wehich we belong to
    why there is confusing dates for festivals from gurus on like srijayanthi deepavali
    can’t all of them have agreement on common date
    Sri Vasudevan,

    Simply put, unlike other cultures, which are young and newly formed, Indian Culture is very ancient and very very diverse. And also we shouldn’t forget that we are a people of 1 Billion with atleast a million sects and hence such minor differences are bound to occur. Reasons might be that, unlike western cultures, we didn’t have exclusive Historians to document the daily life and happenings of ancient times and what we know about our past has primarily come through Oral communication from time immemorial.

    Focusing on your question, you can ask your Acharya or and elder member of your family about the sect you belong to. The calendar in this site is based on Sri Rangam panchagam, as formulated by Sri Ramanauja. I hope I have cleared your doubts.


  2. htttp://

    This Website gives info about one of the most important divya desam of Lord Lakshmi Nrusimhar. This Web pages also provide information on Srivaishnava sampradayam. Please visit there and read the rich contents to get a glimpse of Narasimhar’s grace.

  3. Dear Sir,

    I learnt that the Cong’ ( Sanghu ) used by Lord Krishna is known as “Panchchanyam”. Hope this is correct.
    Understand that Bhishmacharya was also using a similar Cong ( Songhu ). I would like to know the name ofthe Cong’ used by Bhishmacharya.
    I would be glad to receive your advise and blessings.
    With my prnams to you sir,

  4. very nice to see the Graudaseva video,photos, which i plan to go but due to
    off not able, but i take thro this

    r.sridharan kumbakonam

  5. respected sir,

    i am watching and listening of thiru velukudi krishnan sir’s upanyasams regularly.

    i like very much of his discourses.

    i am asking few doubts here and please clarify them:

    who are to be called as swami?

    in his discourse in pothigai, he had said that parishid told to stay kali in gold. upansayagars says to all this chapters but they are wearing gold chains and rings. and vaishnava upanyasagars told ramanujar had agreed other varna people, but in practice, even now the other varna people are not allowed to learn any special classes for example 1. see 27th april dinamalar paper one association advertised to brahmin people only in tambaram. 2. KINCHIKARAM TRUST’S VIVAHAM asks vadakalai or thenkalai . not mentioned about other vaishnava following people. clarify? velukudi tells ramanujar accpets all varna people but velukudi krishnan allow only vadakalai and thenkalai people to enter in his vivaham registration. These Velukudi like upanyasagars using the THE GREAT SAINT RAMANUJAR’S NAME for their profession only to gain such a big profit. He thinks that other people fit only for buying his calenders and cassettes. Last week in pothigai he told that some people would be same in spiritual to make money like other professions, we should not see. I don’t agree his words because People don’t bother about them to gain money. Then why should wear dhoti like that and other things. People see all the majority people who are cheating in every field and so they seek original, truth, faith, peace, not money minded people, so they think spiritual people would be like this, but here the spiritual people like upanyasagar exploit the innocent public people to gain their profit. They try to follow like these upanyasagar, but these persons confusing the public. people seek 100% faithful persons because then only they try to make them little by little to change their bad activities

    who is brahmana? all upanyasagars know about it. today we can’t see anywhere , may be they will be somewhere. Familiar people like upanyasagars are not brahmanas, these are called by “dhuvichaa bandhukkal”.
    my humble request is

    upanyasams are not only lecturing. Everyone should practice in our life including and particularly UPANYASAGARS (ROLE MODEL to other devotees) not only change their costumes and other things, even they have to change in so many areas.

    in spiritual function all devotees treated as equal but here also importance is given to families like political. should avoid this.

    in kalaivanar arangam function, the respectble sir spoke in his speech and oftenly using NAAN. All of us know, Ramanujar had gone to thirukostiyur for 17 times and 18th time after removing this NAAN, he got ragasiyam and even ramanujar delivered that ragasiyam to all and called as emprumanar by nambi. so should follow this manner by important persons in their speeches.

    we should not say to all first we have to practice ourself. because we are all not swami like ramanujar, manavala mamunigal. forgive me if anything tell wrongly. my mind to say these please forgive me if wrong.

    So many times, i have send like this letter to velukudi’s website, sofar there is no single reply send to my e-mail. so i had asked him PLEASE REPLY TO THIS LETTER OTHERWISE REMOVE YOUR FEEDBACK COLUMN. UPTO 2009 FEEDBACK IS THERE, BEYOND THAT NO FEEDBACK PUBLISHED.THEN WHY SHOULD HAVE you have KEPT IT.

    if anything interest to reply for my doubts please send to my

    • Sir,

      I had earlier replied to a similar comment of yours in another page. Regarding Gold, I do not know about it. But am wondering why you have to analyse a Upanyasakar and see if he is following everything said in sastras, rather than listening to the wonderful Words he says. Regarding Thenkalai & Vadakalai, it’s not based on birth. After Pancha Samaskaaram, if your acharya is Vadakalai, you become one, similarly for Thenkalai. I don’t know who said you Vadakalai & Thenkalai is by birth / caste. Regarding using the word “I”, I have listened to atleast 50 upanyasams of Swami and he has never boasted of anything about himself anywhere. And people buy Swami’s Books & CD only because they really like it. And if just using using the word “I” is unacceptable in normal communication, am sorry, but that’s mindless.

      And if you don not like a person, please don’t comment on him in a public forum.

  6. I am looking a bride for my daughter who is going to study MS in USA her age is 23 Uthradam star navalpakkam shadamarshanam gothram. Kindly help me in searching a suitable match for her

    Kind regards
    Rajalakshmi Satyanarayanan

  7. Adiyean Namaskarangal. Adiyean wish to have complete 400 DivyaPrabandham by P B ANNAKACHARIYAR SWAMY.
    Especially need Nachiar Thirumozhi with commentary.

    All Bagavthas please give me RIGHT LINKS ipad pdf version TO me ::
    Adiyean have tried many sites. Some parts are available @ .
    Thank you.
    ShreeNivasa Ramanujadhasan.

  8. Dear adiyen,Jai Sriman Narayan.Adiyen this concept of Jiva becoming a Nitya Samsarin is it a vadik fact or an opinion of our acharyas?. Does alternate views against concept of Jiva becoming exists ?this concept of Jiva becoming Nitya Samsarin is it opinion based on certain way of interpretationing shashtras or is it a cold hard fact?Here i m not asking madwas views but views of our Acharyas Does acharyas view against this concept?like two different views exists on kaivalya Mukti?What i want to know is concept that Jiva becomes Nitya Samsarin an opinion or hard cold vaidik fact like supremacy of Narayan??

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