Sri Vaishnava Digital Fund

Sri Vaishnava Digital Fund – We know that seems a little odd, but actually it makes perfect sense. Every age, there is a medium through which ideas & thoughts are written, distributed & stored. In Sri Vaishnavam, Alwars used songs, Acharyas used manuscripts, Kings built temples and so on. All these captivated people, who then came to learn and know about the rich treasure that is Sri Vaishnavam.

The fund is based on the idea that Sri Vaishnavam can very much benefit from today’s technological advancement – Interactive e-learning for Sri Vaishnava works, Graphic Novels on Alwar Acharya Vaibhavams, Regularly updated travel guides for Divyadesams and much more. More about the fund can be read here.

Two e-books have been completed as of now.

  1. Thirumalisai Alwar Vaibhavam
  2. Thirukachi Nambhigal Vaibhavam

I kindly request readers to volunteer and help in the effort. Please fill in the form to volunteer.

  1. Volunteers with good writing skills and proficiency in English or Tamil.
  2. Volunteers with good drawing skills.

And readers who do not fall in the above categories, but still wish to volunteer in any other way too can fill in the form. Am sure, Sriman Narayana would make use of all His Children.