Sri Vaishnava Videos

Readers can feel free to suggest any Sri Vaishnava video to be put here by Leaving a comment or mailing me at

Mostly we have had Upanysams / Stories in this page. This month for a change, we have songs from the Classic Telugu / Tamil movie – Lava Kusa 

The famous Jegam pugazhum Punniya Kadhai Ramanin Kadhai song.

The same song in another place.

The ever Beautiful Sri Rama Parandhama.

Vinnudu Vinnudu Song.

6 thoughts on “Sri Vaishnava Videos

  1. pujyulina guru gariki,

    na ku mee i site bhaga nachindi . elage dhini abirudhiki thevalani na akansha .

    ranuja dhasoham.
    srinatheranujaya namaha.

  2. Please upload the following if possible and available

    1.Sri Ramanuja Parabhakti– starting with – Sri Kantha Divya Padha panga

    2.Pancha Thadi – starting- Pashanda thruma shanta

    3.Shri Bhagwath Bhagawatha charya Vaibhavam- starting- Acharya Sadagopathea sikamath

  3. Dear Sir

    i am in US for a short visit.
    Just I am going through the site I am impressed with your devotion and a spritual service
    Great Sir

    S. Lakshmi Narasimhanh

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