Sri Puri Jagannath Yatra by Kinchitkaram Trust

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Kinchitkaram Trust Krishna Anubhava Yatra

Kinchitkaram Trust is organising an Yatra to places where Sri Krishna lived like Madhura, Gokulam, Nandagram, Govardhan giri, Vrindhavan, Kamyavan & Parsana. In total, devotees will be taken to about 100 significant places from Sri Krishna’s life. Booklets with information about the places will be given in the Yatra. Bhajan’s will also take place in the evenings. Accomodation, Travel and Food will be taken care of by the trust.

As with all Kinchitkaram Trust yatras, Sri Velukkudi Krishnan swamy will also accompany the devotees. Since Kinchitkaram Trust yatras tend to get booked up very quickly, devotees are requested to contact and confirm their participation at the earliest.

Important Dates
June 10       –   Last Day to book your ticket.
October 6   –   Start from Chennai.
October 9 to 15   –   Darshan of the above places with Upanyasams.
October 17   –   Return to Chennai.

Contact Information
Kinchitkaram Trust,
6, Bheemasena Garden Street,
Chennai – 600 004.
Ph : 044 – 24992728, 98415 62646.

Join hands with Kinchitkaram Trust

Swami Velukkudi Krishnan’s Kinchitkaram Trust has yet again come up with another unique initiative. This comes after some of their unique projects like Translating the Commentaries for the Divya Prabhandams to English, a school for young children interested in Sri Vaishnava philosophies and many more. Now this is a project where we all can co-ordinate. The Trust is inviting volunteers to join hands with them and that too one can join online. Its as simple as that.

Here’s the link to enroll as a volunteer –!input.action

Please spread the word to like minded people.

Found Book : Sri Periyavachaan Pillai’s commentry on Thirupallandu in English

Another wonderful initiative by The Kinchitkaram Trust – to translate all the Commentaries of Swami Periyavaachan Pillai to English. This simply means we will soon have English Translation for the entire Divyaprabhandhams (As Swami Periyavaachan Pillai has commented on all the 4000+ Divine Hymns). This is really a very commendable effort by the trust as this will help people with limited knowledge of Tamil & Sanskrit learn more in-depth about Sri Vaishnavam.


Kinchitkaram Trust's English translation of Thirupallandu vyakhanam.

As a part of the project, Kinchitkaram Trust have brought out an English Translation of Swami Periyavaachan Pillai’s commentary on Periyalwar’s ThiruPallandu. Before I read the book, I was impressed by the neat design and print quality of the book. The content is also equally good. The explanations are very clear and elaborate.

After every Pasuram {Hymn/Song}, meaning for every word is given. The meaning for every word is then followed by a brief explanation of the pasuram as a whole. After this, detailed explanation and the inner meaning of every word is given. These explanations highlight the beauty of the songs. The pasurams can be explained in 4 – 5 lines or 4 – 5 pages. Either ways the message conveyed by these lines are same, the greatness of Sriman Narayana and the trivial nature of this world.

Here’s how the meaning of every pasuram is explained. I have taken the 4th paasuram of ThiruPallandu “Edu Nilathil…” for an example.

The Pasuram


yEdu nilatthil iduvathanmunnam vanthu
yengaL kuzhAm puhunthu
koodu manamudayeerkaL varam pozhi
Naadu Naharamum nankaRiya
NamO NaarAyaNAya yenRu
vanthu PallANDu kooRuminE

Word to Word Meaning

Edu nilattil : To the gory place, viz., burial ground
iduvadan munnam : Before taking you
vandu : Come out of your group
Engal kuzham pugundu : Enter our group
Kudum manam udayirgal : Those who have the mind to join
varambu ozhi vandu : Come breaking your boundary (of self enjoyment)
ollai kudumino : join us quickly
naadum : common folk living in villages (city outskirts)
nagaramum : knowledgeable folks living in cities
nangu ariya : in a way that they clearly understand
namo narayana enru : uttering the eight syllabled mantra
paadum manam udai : those who have the inclination to sing, as a vent to their pleasure
pattar ullir : if there are loving devotees
vandu : come, join us
pallandu kurumine : and sing this auspicious benediction

Brief Meaning

Those who wish to join our group should give up their old contacts and join us quickly (before its too late) being taken over to the burial ground. Break your boundaries of Self Enjoyment. Chant the Eight Syllabled Mantra in a way that those who live in villages & towns clearly understand it. If there are loving devotees, let them come and join us in singing this Auspicious Benediction.


(This is given for every word. Here I have just given for one word)
Nilathil Iduvadhan munnam : Before merging it with the Primordial Nature, its original source. This is how it is to be interpreted. The word yEdu means “body” both in its gross & subtle states; before it becomes one with the Prakrti from which it has come into existence. It has to be understood that Alwar is inviting them (who are interested in Kaivalya) after seeing te great calamity that awaits them.

In short, this is a wonderful book for those with limited knowledge in Tamil & Sanskrit. Lets pray that Kinchitkaram Trust comes out with more such translations for the entire Divyaprabhandhams.


Published By : Kinchitkaram Trust
Price : Rs.120 / $ 5
Contact info : USA : 001-508-3978635, UK : 00-44-208-7554813, INDIA : 91-44-24992728
Book available at Kinchitkaram Trust Offices

Kinchitkaram Trust’s blog

Kinchitkaram Trust Blog

We all would like to interact with Sri Velukkudi Krishnan swamy to clear our doubts and express our views on Sri Vaishnavam. Now we have got the opportunity to do so. Kinchitkaram trust have started their much awaited blog and Sri Vellukudi swamy has also posted for first time. Swami’s post is interesting, its regarding the periods of Mudhal alwars & Sri Krishna. Visit the blog & send in your comments. Am waiting eagerly for the reply for the question from swami.

Meanwhile the theme of the blog (Its a WordPress blog!) is tad dull. I hope the theme is changed to spruce up things.

Link –

Noble thought from Kinchitkaram Trust

Just few years back there were many Sri Vaishnava swamis (like Endhur Sadagopa swamigal, Annangracharya swamigal, Thoppu swamigal and many more) who were well versed with our sampradhayam. These swamis stood as towering pillars of Sri Vaishnavam. But as these swamis attained Parampadham the number of Sri Vaishnava adhikaris has also reduced considerably.

Taking this to mind, Kinchitkaram trust has come with an noble idea. A group of around 15 children will be trained in Sri Vaishnava sampradayam carefully. The children will be in the age group of 12 – 15. All requirements like clothing, shelter, good food and such amenities will be freely provided. The course will be for around 8 years. At the end of the course the children will be well learned in Sri Vaishnavam and can become kalakshaba adhikaris. Plus, apart from Sri Vaishnava sampradhayam, subjects like English, Maths & even Computer Science will be thought. So children will have an all-round education with emphasis on Sri Vaishnavam.

Now, a big question of future of children will arise amongst parents. What we say is all children will do well in their livea and not be helpless after this course. Sriman Narayana will care for children who don’t even pray or learn about Him. So, He will defenitely take immense care about children who read about Him and spread His message. The more we beleive in Him, the more he will help us. And for an example, you can take Sri Velukkudi Swami. Velukkudi Swami is in Sri Vaishnava sampradhayam and God has taken good care of him. Swamiji goes for upanyasams in the Unites States also.

 So, visitors please do spread the word and enroll your kids if they are in the age grroup of 12 – 15.

For more information,
Sri Kinchitkaram Trust,
6, Bheemasena Garden Street,
Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004.
Phone: +91-44 -24992728

Matrimonial service from Kinchitkaram Trust

Kinchitkaram trust has launched a matrimonial service called “Vivaham” through their website. This service is unique as it caters only to spiritually inclined people who would practice Sri Vaishnavam after marriage. The effort has to be appreciated as getting a like-minded partner is not very easy these days. Having a like-minded partner will be very useful in following Sri Vaishnava principles through out our life. This is a free service and anyone looking for a spiritually inclined life partner can sign up.

Link for the “Vivaham” page –