Blessed Creatures…

We are all humans and we consider ourselves lucky to be so, which is quite true. But there are many instances where some animals have been far more luckier than ourselves.

  1. Squirrel – In Ramayana, a humble squirrel helped Lord Sri Rama build the bridge to Lanka. Seeing their devout service, Sri Rama affectionately patted on its back. How many of us would be lucky enough to be affectionately touched by the Lord Himself? Size and power really doesn’t matter when it comes to Bhakthi!
  2. Jatayu – In Ramayana, Jatayu valiantly fought against Ravana to save Sita Devi. After Jatayu left for Moksha, Lord Sri Rama himself did the last rites for the bird, just like a son. No words to say how lucky Jatayu Maharaj was.
  3. The Vanaras – An entire army of vanaras helped Lord Sri Rama fight Ravana. How lucky would the vanaras be to see and talk to The Lord himself. And none could be more blessed than our Hanuman, the true eternal Bhaktha.
  4. Cows – The cows that Sri Krishna herded should be really blessed. Unlike others who were with the Lord in the times of war, the cows were with Sri Krishna when he was living peacefully in Brindhavanam. They had to just listen to the soulful music from Sri Krishna’s flute and rest under Sri Krishna’s lotus feet. What a bliss!!
  5. 5 horses that Sri Krishna used to drive his chariot in Mahabharata. Sri Krishna himself fed and took care of the horses.
  6. Gajendra Alwar – He called and The Lord came flying. No more words.
  7. Aadalma – While all others were with The Lord Himself, Aadalma was the horse of one of the most devout bakthas of The Lord – Thirumangai Alwar. It is with this wonderful horse that Thirumangai Alwar visited the 106 divyadesams (in earth). If you help The Lord, He is happy, but if you help his devotee, He is even more happy!!
Please feel free to add to the above list and share your thoughts in the comments section.