Alwarthirunagari Vaikasi Visakam 2011 details

Alwarthirunagari Vaikasi Visakam Garuda Seva

The wonderful Alwarthirunagari Vaikasi Visakam Utsavam is set to take place from 4th June 2011 to 13th June 2011. The following are the details of the Utsavam. My sincere apologies for not posting it well in advance.

1 4th June 2011 Indhira Vimanam
2 5th June 2011 Pushpa Pallaku
3 6th June 2011 Punnaimara Vahanam
4 7th June 2011 Thirupulli Vahanam
5 8th June 2011 Garuda Seva of 9 Navatirupathi Perumals
6 9th June 2011 Yanai Vahanam
7 10th June 2011 Chandra Prabhai
8 11th June 2011 Kudhirai Vahanam
9 12th June 2011 Sri Krishna Thirukolam
10 13th June 2011 Swami Nammalwar Thirunakshatram. Theerthavari & Saathumurai

Photos of previous year Garuda Seva can be found here – Part 1 & Part 2


Alwarthirunagari Vaikasi Visakam Garuda Seva Photos (Part 2)

As said in the earlier post, here is the 2nd part of  Alwarthirunagari Garuda Seva photos.

The entire village and especially the streets around the temple wear a festive look, awaiting the Lords. A dance troupe which initially had only a few onlookers, immediately gathered the attention of the people around and within moments a huge crowd gathered around to see the wonderful performance.

Wonderful performance by a dance troupe had the people mesmersied.

For the Bhaktas; a vendor selling savouries

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Alwarthirunagari Vaikasi Visakam Garuda Seva Photos (Part 1)

Sriman Narayana & Swami Nammalwar once again blessed me with an opportunity to witness the grand Alwarthirunagari Vaikasi Visakam. I always wanted to shoot the 10-day event in High Resolution & good aesthetic quality. This year, I was blessed with a good DSLR camera and I did the best the shoot the Garuda Seva day in all its Glory. Due to materialistic commitments I wasn’t able to witness all the 10 days, and I had to be content with just shooting the Garuda Seva day. This first part has the snaps taken in the Garuda Seva day, when the Perumals of NavaThirupathi Divyadesams are welcomed by Swami Nammalwar. The second part (to be posted soon) will have the Garuda  Seva that takes place at the night.

The very purpose of shooting the event is to share the Photos with all the people. Anyone who would like to have the High Resolution originals can always e-mail me ( or Leave a Comment indicating your requirement.

Navathirupathi Perumals in a Mandapam before entering Alwarthirunagari Temple

An old woman praying one of the Navathirupathi Perumals

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Vaikasi Visakam 2009 info

For the year 2009, Vaikasi Visakam utsavam at Alwarthirunagari starts on 28th of May. The Nava Thirupathi Perumal Garuda Seva falls on 1st of June. Here is the itinerary / details of the Utsavam (click the image for a bigger sized one).


Vaikasi Visakam : The Vaikasi Visakam of Alwarthirunagari is one of the most well known festivals of Sri Vaishnavam. It is celebrated to mark the birth of Swami Namalwar, who was born in the month of Vaikasi and the star of Visakam, hence the name. Vaikasi Visakam is a 10 day festival. The Garuda Seva on the 5th day, where all the NavaThirupathi Perumals take part is the highlight of the Utsavam. Devotees from various parts of the country throng this village during these 10 days and the 5th day Garuda Seva attracts the maximum number of devotees. The entire village wears a very festive look during the 10 days.

Travel Info : Alwarthirunagari is very easily reachable from Tirunelveli, which is also the nearest well connected Railway Station. Madurai is the nearest Airport. From Alwarthirunagari you can hire a cab and visit all the NavaThirupathi stalams in half a day. The following are the trains and timings to Tirunelveli from Chennai.


Alwarthirunagari Vaikasi Visakam Theerthavari

For starters, Alwarthirunagari is the birthplace of Sri Nammalwar. Its one amongst the 108 Divyadesams & NavaThirupathi stalams. We already had posts on the Garuda Seva where the Perumals of all the NavaThirupathi Stalams participate in the grand Vaikasi Visakam utsavam.

On the 9th day of the Utsavam, Thiruthear {Car} is taken around the Temple & the Village. Devotees pulled the car with pomp and gaiety. Its humbling to see the Lord of Universe allowing himself to be pulled under the love and affection of the devotees. Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamywas also present and pulled the car with hundreds of other devotees. Swami did an upanyasam in the evening in the temple premises and also on the next day.

On the last day {10th day} of the Vaikasi Visakam, Swami Nammalwar is taken to the Thamarabharani River for Thirumanjanam {Theertha Vaari}. This day is actually the Thirunakshatram of Nammalwar, i.e Vaikasi Visakam. Hundreds of devotees took the holy dip along with Swami Nammalwar. It is a once in a life time opportunity to take a dip with Swami Nammalwar on his Thirunakshatram. Sri Velukkudi Krishnan swami was also present and took the holy dip.

Alwarthirunagari Thamarabharani

Alwarthirunagari Thamarabharani

Vaikasi Visakam ends with a Theertham & Prasadam in the evening. Its a really wonderful experience being with Swami Nammalwar for 10 days in the small, but charming village of Alwarthirunagari. My great grandmother used to say that every Sri Vaishnava should visit Alwarthirunagari at least once in a lifetime. I whole-heatedly thank Sriman Narayana and Swami Nammalwar for making me visit the place many times.

From Alwarthirunagari you can hire a cab and visit all the NavaThirupathi stalams in half a day. Alwarthirunagari is around an hours drive from Tirunelveli. Most buses going to Thiruchendhur go via Alwarthirunagari. Madurai is the nearest airport. Though there is a Railway Station in Alwarthirunagiri, trains are less frequent and the station is far away. Accomodation is easily available at various Mutts like the Uttrathi Mutt and many more.

Alwarthirunagari Vaikasi Visakam Garuda Seva

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After the Thirumanjanams of the Navathirupathi perumals, alankaram is done, after which the Garuda Seva begins. Generally the Thirumanjanams are over by around 7PM and the Garuda Seva starts at around 10 PM. During this time, people move around the streets of Alwarthirunagari and the entire village wears a festive look. Every corner has happy people, kids playing, elderly people sleeping wherever there’s a place… seeing these is an expereice by itself.

When its time for the Garuda Seva to start, the Alwarthirunagari Perumal leads the procession. After him the other Perumals of the NavaThirupathi stalamas slowly come out from the temple. After all the Perumals, Nammalwar comes in Hamsavahanam and joins the Alwarthirungari Perumal at the front.

Alwarthirunagari Vaikasi Visakam


Madurakavi Alwar comes at the last.


All Perumals have wonderful alankarams and its a treat for the eyes.

And there was something for the child in us too… fireworks, a lot of them. After all the Perumals & Alwars had arrived a volley of fireworks lit up the dark sky. There were fireworks of all sizes and colours. And someway this wonderful snap with Perumal, Nammalwar & the firework ended up with me.

All in all, its a wonderful expereince to attend the Garuda Seva. Every Sri Vaishnava should see this Utsavam at least once in their life time. There are more images of the Temple & the remaining days Utsavam, which will be posted soon.

The images are of mediocre quality with lens flares in many photographs. Kindly bear the inconveneince.

Alwarthirunagari Vaikasi Visakam

Its been sometime since our last post, but we have got something interesting for this post, the Garuda Seva of Alwarthirunagari. Most of you would probably know the uniqueness of this Garuda Seva, but still for thos who don’t know – the speciality of this Garuda Seva is that, all the Perumals from the Navathirupathi Stalams participate in their Garuda Vahanams. Nammalvar comes in Mayil Vahanam and Madhurakavi Alwar in a Palanquin. In all there are 9 Perumals and 2 Alwars. Seeing this wonderful urchavam, one can understand why people say 2 eyes are not enough sometimes.

This is a 10 day urchavam which happens during Nammalwars’ Thirunakshatram {Vaikasi Visaagam}. The Garuda Seva happens on the 5th day of the 10 day urchavam. At the start of the 5th day the Perumals of the NavaThirupathi stalams {except Alwarthirunagari} arrive at the Alwarthirunagari temple premises. As they arrive, each perumal is welcomed by Nammalwar. Below are images of Nammalvar welcoming the Perumals of NavaThirupathi’s.









Around evening, the Thirumanjanam of the Perumals and Nammalwar takes place. The Thirumanjanams happen more or less at the same time, in the many mandapams in the temple. People rush from one mandapam to other to get the Thirumanjana theerthams. At night the actual Garuda Seva takes place. We will have another post on the Garuda Seva with the images very soon.